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Welcome to ABM Corporation

Automated Business Machines Corporation is in the business of marketing, selling, installing and servicing check processing, check signing and money handling equipment since its founding in 1927.

Professional Service, Support and Repair


Our large selection of business machine products include:

  • Coin Sorters, Coin Counters, Coin Counting Machines
  • Currency Counters, Currency Counting Machines
  • MICR Encoding Systems
  • Check Exception Machines, Check Signing Equipment
  • Time and Date Stamp Machines
  • Paper Shredders, Paper Shredding Solutions
  • Forms Handling, Bursters, Folders, Inserters and Sealers

We are partnered with some of the best manufacturers in the business:

  • ABE Perforator Co
  • Martin Yale
  • Shear Tech
  • Duplo USA
  • Maverick International
  • Shinwoo
  • Hedman Co.
  • MBM-Destroyit Co.
  • Standard Register Co.
  • Intimus Shredders
  • Paymaster Corporation
  • The Certex Co. Inc.
  • Magner Co.
  • Secap
  • Widmer Time Recorder Co.

Automated Business Machines Corporation specializes in the distribution of reliable and innovative business machines for check handling, check processing, check signing equipment, currency counting, counterfeit detection, paper folding, and document processing. We are committed to providing the technology which best supports your critical requirements for competitively priced, high quality products you can use with confidence.